A General Treatment Principle in Autoimmune Disease

Anyone with autoimmune disease can help themselves by understanding and appreciating the driving factors behind autoimmune disease.

This page will focus on gut function and how it relates to autoimmune disease. Keep in mind, all of these General Treatment Principles affect one another.

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What Causes Leaky Gut?

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | February 9, 2020
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Altering Our Gut Bacteria for Autoimmune Disease

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | April 19, 2019

  I’ve written articles about the microflora (gut bacteria), and how the bacteria in our gut influences our immune system and autoimmunity. That article can be found here. There is strong evidence showing the bacteria in the gut affects autoimmunity, but this article will focus on how bacteria populations may change for the worst. First…

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Gut Bacteria & Autoimmunity: A Strong Connection

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | April 18, 2019

The digestive tract is a major player in autoimmune disease. There are numerous factors within the gut which can individually contribute to the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease. One of those factors is the gut microbiome: the bacteria within our gut. The gut has various mechanisms to ensure beneficial intestinal microbiota, it stops microbiota overgrowth and…

Acid Reflux? Could it be a Hiatal Hernia

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | April 1, 2019

Contents1 To Summarize:2 What Is Hiatal Hernia3 Why is Hiatal Hernia Significant?4 How Hiatal Hernia is Liked to Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease5 GERD is More Than Just Acid Reflux6 GERD Shouldn’t Be Treated Exclusively with Acid Blocking Medications7 Explore All Causative Factors of GERD8 Review8.0.1 References 8.0.2 About the Author To Summarize: GERD may be known…

Leaky Gut Is Real

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | February 7, 2019

For decades, Leaky gut was considered a theory, something people thought was going on but couldn’t prove. Now, after many years, we have a lot of evidence leaky gut is real, and contributes to a wide range of conditions, including autoimmune disease. The research into leaky gut is growing at an alarming rate, which proves…

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Secretory IgA and Autoimmune Disease

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | January 31, 2019

Contents1 What Is Secretory IgA2 Where Does IgA Come From3 What Does It Do?4 What Findings Do We See with Low IgA?5 Autoimmune Disease6 Trends Seen with Autoimmune Disease and IgA Deficiency7 Testing IgA8 Factors that Lower IgA9 Factors that increase IgA10 Summary and Take-Home Message10.0.1 References What Is Secretory IgA IgA stands for Immunoglobulin…