A General Treatment Principle in Autoimmune Disease

Anyone with autoimmune disease can help themselves by understanding and appreciating the driving factors behind autoimmune disease.

This page will focus on epigentics. Epigenetics focuses on our genes, and how the environment can alter our genes. This page will focus on how our genes relate to autoimmune disease. Keep in mind, all of these General Treatment Principles affect one another.

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Genetic Susceptibilities of Autoimmune Disease

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | February 20, 2019

As you read this blog, you’ll see many contributing factors linked to autoimmune disease. The one common trend is these factors especially affect those that are “genetically susceptible”. All that means, is certain individuals are born with genetic abnormalities that interfere with our normal built-in protect mechanism and leave them more predisposed to autoimmune disease.…