A General Treatment Principle in Autoimmune Disease

Anyone with autoimmune disease can help themselves by understanding and appreciating the driving factors behind autoimmune disease.

This page will focus on the Immune System and how it contributes to Autoimmune Disease. Keep in mind, all of these General Treatment Principles affect one another.

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Inflammation is Controlled by Cytokines

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | April 24, 2019

Contents1 What are Cytokines?1.0.1 Where are Cytokines Produced?1.0.2 Specific Types of Cytokines2 Proinflammatory Cytokines3 Anti-inflammatory Cytokines3.0.1 IL-10 a Major Anti-inflammatory3.0.2 References What are Cytokines? Cytokines are a group of proteins, peptides and glycoproteins produced by specific cells of the immune system. They are signalling molecules that control and regulate immunity, inflammation and hematopoiesis. Where are…

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Secretory IgA and Autoimmune Disease

By Dr. Johann de Chickera, ND | January 31, 2019

Contents1 What Is Secretory IgA2 Where Does IgA Come From3 What Does It Do?4 What Findings Do We See with Low IgA?5 Autoimmune Disease6 Trends Seen with Autoimmune Disease and IgA Deficiency7 Testing IgA8 Factors that Lower IgA9 Factors that increase IgA10 Summary and Take-Home Message10.0.1 References What Is Secretory IgA IgA stands for Immunoglobulin…