How to Correct Th2 Dominance

This article discusses how to correct Th2 Dominance. Th2 describes a subset of special cells involved in the immune system. For the basics of Th1 and Th2 dysregulation and how it pertains to the immune system, click here.

If you have chronic urticaria, you're likely Th1 dominant. Click here to learn more. 

A Quick Review

As a reminder from my previous articles, Th2 dominant responses usually lead to systemic autoimmune disease and allergies whereas Th1 dominant responses often relate to organ specific autoimmune disease [1].


Picture of weight balance scales. 1 balanced and 2 skewed to either side. The out of balanced ones signify immune imbalance. The goal is to keep things balanced.

To treat Th2 dominance, we want to decrease Th2 and increase Th1.

diagram showing a weigh balance scale. if Th1 is dominant, there is arrows showing how to regain balance.

Try These Things If You are TH2 Dominant


  • Intense Exercise (interval and continuous exercise) [2]
  • Cold Hydrotherapy [3]


  • Medicinal Mushrooms (Maitake and Beta-Glucan are common) [10]
  • Glycyrrhiza (found in licorice)
  • Astragalus [4]
  • Echinacea
  • Melissa Officials (Lemon balm)
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Chlorella
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Melatonin (research went to 20mg/day; much higher than the typical 1-5 mg dosing for sleep) [5]
  • DHEA [6]
  • Selenium [6]
  • Plant sterols, beta-sitosterol [6]
  • NAC/Glutathione [7]
  • Quercetin [8] (mouse study)
  • Colostrum [9] (mouse study)
  • Bilberry [10] (mouse study)


  • Ginger (juice or root) [1]


If you’re Th2 dominant, and suffer from systemic autoimmune disease, allergies or asthma, the foods, supplements and lifestyle interventions found on this list may be helpful. Understanding some of these ideas are more theoretical and some studies are done on animal (not always humans), it’s still worth trying.

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