How to Correct Th1 Dominance

Do This If You Have Organ Specific Autoimmune Disease.

If you’re Th2 dominant, click here.

For the basics of Th1 and Th2 dysregulation and how it pertains to the immune system, click here.

A Quick Review

As a reminder from my previous articles, Th1 dominant responses often relate to organ specific autoimmune disease whereas Th2 dominant responses usually lead to systemic autoimmune disease and allergies [1].

Picture of weight balance scales. 1 balanced and 2 skewed to either side. The out of balanced ones signify immune imbalance. The goal is to keep things balanced.

To treat Th1 dominance, we want to decrease Th1 and increase Th2.

diagram showing a weigh balance scale. if Th1 is dominant, there is arrows showing how to regain balance.

Try These Things If You are TH1 Dominant


  • Fasting (intermittent fasting, or daily fasts) (reduces TH1, inflammatory cytokines) [2]
  • Progesterone [3]

o   Likely contributes to natural suppression of cell-mediated immunity during pregnancy

o   Could be taken through hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) in post-menopausal women, or women with overt deficiencies, or supported with herbs if it is borderline low.


  • Vitamin A, Zinc (if deficient) [4] (human study, in deficient populations)
  • Omega 3 (fish oils) [5] (mouse study)
  • Egg white (albumin) based protein supplements [3](mouse study)
  • Soy based protein supplements [6](menopausal rat study)
  • Evening Primrose Oil [7](Multiple Sclerosis, human study)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • White Willow Bark
  • Curcumin
  • Genistein (found in soybeans)

Food and Lifestyle Interventions to Incorporate

  • Avoiding Lectins (Low Lectin Diet) [8]
  • Fish (due to omega 3 sources) (reduces Th1 type cytokines, also small increase to TH2 [5] (mouse study)
  •  Eggs (reduces Th1 type cytokines) [10] (mouse study)
  • GMO-free Soy [6](menopausal rat study)
  • Hemp seeds [9] (Multiple Sclerosis, human study)
  • Pistachio (nuts, oil) [10] (rat study)
  • Drink Caffeine (if you like), within reason
  • Mustard seed (human study, Inflammatory Bowel Disease) [11]
  • Gotu Kola
  • Lycopene (found in tomatoes and other red fruits excluding strawberries and cherries)
  • Resveratrol (found in grape skin, sprouted peanuts, and cocoa)
  • Pycnogenol (found in the extract of the French maritime pine bark and apples)
  • Turmeric for its Curcumin content
  • Genistein (found in soybeans)
  • Quercitin (a flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables, such as onions, berries and kale)

In addition to the things above, you could also try avoiding for people with Th2 dominance. Find that list of things here (remember, avoid the things from that list).


If you’re Th1 dominant, and suffer from organ specific autoimmune disease, the foods, supplements and lifestyle interventions found on this list may be helpful. Understanding some of these ideas are more theoretical and some studies are done on animal (not always humans), its still worth trying.

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